Cynthia's Story - As a former Senior Center Executive Director, I often claimed that my best career move was turning 50 years old. But after losing my job in 2013, I discovered that age discrimination was alive and well in the USA. During my job search journey, advancing to the second and third round in the interview process, I found it difficult to secure a position at the age of fifty-four. I was often asked why I wanted to have a position that I was clearly over-qualified. This served only as a reminder of how many professionals in my stage of life are still vibrant and desire to make a contribution to society. However, most times we are over looked and simply passed over because of our age. And for this reason, I dedicate my life’s work to advocating for the 50Plus and others in diverse communities here and beyond.  
Anita's Story—Walking a mile in your boots…WHO-RAH!
I served over four years in the U.S. Army, and when I decided to get out and get married to an active duty soldier—I couldn’t find work. Even after completing my Associate and Bachelor degrees, I was unable to secure gainful employment, deciding to settle for jobs that I was over qualified for, if working at all. I know the struggle to build a career, or to even get a “job” to make ends meet. Being able to help my fellow comrades, those that may have physical ability challenges as myself, as well as joining the ranks of the “mature job seeker”, is my passion, and I work diligently to serve in getting America back to work! 

Our Story
Our passion for developing a recruiting vehicle for the 50Plus population, Veterans and other protected class job seekers generates a world of ideas. 

By pursuing the highest standards of quality in everything we do, we will become a business committed to both the job seeker and the employer. 

At E-Merging Career Network, we pride ourselves in helping employers find a diverse group of qualified candidates to make successful hiring decisions.
​Cynthia Andrews, C0-founder
Anita Newson, Co-founder

Our distinctive dolphin symbol holds a precise and significant meaning to us. Their primary mission is to create an environment where others can become and be their best. The dolphin achieves tremendous satisfaction in nurturing greatness in others, encouraging and inspiring. Imparting a sense of goodwill and being dedicated to the happiness of others. They are imaginative and creative by nature, and are instinct motivators.

Here at E-Merging Career Network, that is our very essence. We believe when an atmosphere of greatness is formed, limitless possibilities will exist. Restraints and obstacles no longer abound, and the imagination and capabilities are endless. We strive to empower our job seekers to know the latest trends in the job market, to be knowledgeable of how to conduct a career job search, and not just look for work. We work hand in hand with our employers, giving that personal touch to each job ad, follow up and connection to the ideal candidate (for each one).

This is a team effort, when you win, we win. E-Merging Career Network is not just a job bank posting site, we are taking the lead in the sustaining lives, building futures and restoring dignity to the workplace.    

Our Dolphin Story